Request An Email Tarot Reading

Email readings will be delivered to you as a PDF attached to an email. The PDF will contain images of your cards, an explanation of the spread I chose, and an explanation of all the cards as they relate to your question. You might also receive links to resources relevant to your reading, such as podcasts, articles, self-care practices, etc.

I currently offer email readings based on the number of cards involved:

Sip ($12) - a single card pull; good for a quick glimpse or a spark of focus
Swig ($27) - a 3 card spread; good as a general overview or as an expanded version of the micro
Gulp ($44) - a 5 card spread; an expanded and deepened view on your situation, and more likely to provide suggestions for specific actions for you to pursue


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Cancellation Policy

Email readings must be canceled before you approve the custom suggested spread.

I cannot offer refunds for completed readings. If a reading leaves you feeling some type of way, I am more than happy to provide you with a slice more insight to help you synthesize what the cards have presented. However, I'm not in the business of telling you what you want to hear. I'm in the business of telling you what the cards have to say about your question(s) as honestly and compassionately as I can.

Email readings will be delivered within seven days after we have confirmed your question.