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Folks who choose to read tarot for themselves will, at some point, find themselves staring at their cards in confusion. How the heck is the Three of Swords relevant to my question?? What am I supposed to make of this Queen of Wands reversed next to this Page of Cups?!

The most common piece of advice given for perplexing tarot moments is to take a pause and come back later. However, I’ve found that for tarot newbies, folks seeking to expand their tarot vocabulary, and for anyone facing particularly persnickety card-tangles, waiting around for a flash of insight can feel wildly insufficient. In times like those, the input of a relatively objective third party can be blindingly illuminating and exactly what’s needed.

That’s why I’ve created TAROT TRANSLATION,  a new offering aimed at providing just that kind of outside perspective.

This is how it works:

  • Fill out the form below, including a brief description of what’s happening and where/how you’re stuck in your interpretation.

  • I will ask you for at least one photo of the spread you’re working to untangle, and if I have any questions, I’ll ask you for clarification.

  • Within a week after I’ve received your payment (turnaround times may change depending on my workload), you’ll receive my quick take, about a paragraph long, on what I perceive to be happening within your spread.

TAROT TRANSLATION is not a replacement for a full reading, nor is it meant to replace your own study and intuitive development. It IS an accessible form of tarot tutoring meant to support you in deepening your knowledge of tarot, your relationship with yourself, and your fluency with reading cards.

TAROT TRANSLATION has two tiers, based on the overall size of the spread you’re asking about:

assistance with a spread of up to 5 cards
$27: assistance with a spread of 6 to 15 cards

Like all of my offerings, sliding scale is available for Tarot Translation for folx who identify as trans, gnc/nonbinary, POC, immigrant, and/or indigenous, as well as for folx who engage in progressive activist work or who work in care fields. For more information on sliding scale, please email me.

Tarot Translations are delivered to you via email. Please have at least one photo of your spread available to share before filling out the form below!


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Cancellation Policy

I cannot offer refunds for completed translations. If my take on your cards leaves you feeling some type of way, I am more than happy to provide you with a slice more insight to help you synthesize what the cards have presented. However, I'm not in the business of telling you what you want to hear. I'm in the business of telling you what I see in your cards honestly and compassionately as I can, with an aim towards furthering your tarot studies.

Tarot translations will be delivered within seven days after I have received your payment.