Below is a list of workshops I have facilitated at least once. All of them are available to be taught again; if you have a space you would like to see as host to one of these workshops (or for an unlisted or yet-to-be-created workshop you’d like to see me lead), please reach out to me with relevant information. I appreciate when host spaces take accessibility into account — for folx with disabilities, for folx of diverse gender and sexuality identities, for race, and for economic access.

Private workshops are also available — for example, we can put together a Tarot 101 workshop for you and your friends as part of your birthday celebrations. Contact me for more information.


90 minutes to 4 hours
A beginners’ tarot workshop aimed at introducing the basics & opening the floodgates of deeply engaging with the cards, but without dogmatic memorization of keywords and with plenty of room for a multiplicity of diverse identities. Can be taught with or without a slideshow and with or without a workshop zine. Each participant should bring their own tarot deck if possible. Sold-out TAROT 101s previously taught at Inner Sense Healing Arts in Chicago, IL, and HausWitch in Salem, MA.

90 minutes to 3 hours
This workshop starts by addressing the most fundamental concepts of RADICAL SELF-CARE (see below), and then goes through several ways to use tarot as a tool for deep, anti-oppressive tending of self, community, and society. Includes the TAROT FOR RADICAL SELF-CARE zine. Some prior tarot knowledge is extremely helpful. Previously taught at Inner Sense Healing Arts in Chicago, IL; HausWitch in Salem, MA; Juju PGH in Pittsburgh, PA; and Open Eye Crystals in Los Angeles, CA.


60 to 90 minutes
This is, in essence, an astrology 101 that covers the “big three” — Sun, Moon, and Ascendant — as well as the signs of the zodiac. The key difference from a usual beginner astrology workshop? This one is explicitly oriented towards supporting participants in being kinder to themselves and others, with thanks to astrology. A positive side effect of this is a reduction in using astrology as an excuse to be an asshole. Requires a projector or some other way to display a slideshow. Previously taught at Comfort Station, Chicago, IL, and ACRE Residency, Steuben, Wisconsin.

30 minute mini-workshop
A brief but accessible overview of planetary retrograde cycles from both an astronomical and astrological perspective, first created as a guest lecture for the Chicago Astrology Group’s monthly meetup. Includes a handout, and very expandable to cover more material with greater depth.

30 minute mini-workshop
Like UNDERSTANDING RETROGRADES, this was initially developed as a guest lecture for the Chicago Astrology Group’s monthly meetup. It covers the difficult to describe and even more challenging to comprehend 12th house in a way that provides illumination and guidance for those who have planets or points in the 12th house. Can easily be expanded into a longer, more in-depth workshop with handouts.

radical self-care & more

90 minutes to 3 hours
First taught as a CEU-granting workshop as part of Live Oak Chicago’s LOGIC training series, this workshop delves into the mindset/subset of self-care that makes it “radical” — that is, deliberately erosive of the systemic oppressions that directly contribute to individual and collective disempowerment. The workshop addresses fundamental worthiness and the internalized unworthiness generated by multiple forms of systemic oppression; methods of both regular and radical self-care; and the importance of showing up for oneself as a way to show up for what we deeply care about in the world. Originally intended as a workshop for psychotherapists, social workers, and similar helping professions, variations on this workshop have been attended & appreciated by nurses, reproductive justice advocates, computer programmers, artists, environmental activists, and more.

see description above

90 minutes to 2 hours
This workshop aims to support spiritual seekers invested in pursuing their paths while accounting for the very real issues of cultural appropriation within contemporary non-institutional spiritual practices. By providing an array of thought frameworks and deep questions, the workshop assists attendees in understanding how the combination of personal spiritual and social identities & actions participate in either perpetuating or dismantling oppressive histories & structures. Originally taught at Inner Sense Healing Arts in Chicago, IL.

60 to 90 minutes
Good energetic hygiene helps provide balance and boundaries while allowing us to continue our loving, caring work in the world. This workshop covers the whys and hows of energetic hygiene, with a focus on skills and techniques that can be done anywhere. Participants leave with a better understanding of grounding, cleansing, and self-protection — and a little more self-compassion, too. Can be taught with or without a zine; requires space for participants to lay down during guided meditations. Taught at the 2018 edition of the Ladies Daytreat Fest; and at Open Eye Crystals in Los Angeles, CA.

2 hours
Most reiki training does not include much or any education on the anatomy of the physical body. By learning even a small amount about the nervous, endocrine, circulatory, and muscular systems of the physical body, an understanding of how the physical systems interact with the energetic system can begin to develop. This understanding enhances the effectiveness of the reiki practitioner and improves the practitioner’s capacity to work collaboratively with other wellness and healthcare providers. Participants must be attuned to reiki level 1 or higher. Includes handouts and hands-on practice; the space must have or be able to accommodate at least one massage table or shiatsu/Thai massage style mat for demonstration purposes