Image of Jupiter and its moon Io via

Image of Jupiter and its moon Io via


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At its most basic, astrology is the study of the quality of time. By observing the correlations between earthly events and heavenly motion, humans have created a collection of systems to comprehend meaning with the aid of the stars.

Astrology has an infinite array of uses, but my focus is primarily on natal astrology. The natal chart is a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment and location of your birth; it serves as a map to your personality, gifts, talents, and challenges. With the help of powerful timing techniques like transits and progressions, the natal chart also serves as a starting point for contextualizing, comprehending, and generatively working with different eras of life.

Natal astrology can support us in an infinite number of ways. A short list:

  • Understanding our relationship to money

  • Focusing our work & career efforts in the best possible direction

  • Navigating romantic relationships

  • Clarifying our spiritual paths

  • Releasing shame & fear

  • Claiming greater agency within our lives

  • Carving out pathways to reach our potential

  • Increasing self-compassion

  • Improving friendships & community relationships

My approach to astrology is non-pathological. This means that I am uninterested in “fixing” problems, and instead, I am invested in working with you towards greater embodiment of your innate potential & gifts in this world.

Most of my studies have been independently-directed. I am currently studying under Austin Coppock, and have been deeply influenced by the work of Mark Jones, Kelly Surtees, and Jessica Lanyadoo. I blend psychological, archetypal, and traditional astrological approaches, and am more interested in finding and telling the story within your chart than in cut-and-dried technological backflips.


All astrology and astrotarot offerings are available over the video-chat platform Zoom. They are automatically recorded for your future reference, and any relevant images will be shared with you via email.


Natal chart readings are the starting point for comprehending your self and your life via the stars. We’ll look at your basic map, the birth chart, plus any astrological transits, all focused on addressing whatever transition, uncertainty, or life topic you’d like to explore. Sessions may include suggestions for astrological rituals and remediation.

30 minute single-topic consult - $50
60 minute full-chart consult - $100
90 min full-chart consult - $140

15 min follow-up - $25
Follow-up sessions are only valid for clients who have had a reading in the past 4 months; follow-up sessions are meant to clarify or deepen what was addressed during a regular consult, not to cover new material.

ASTROTAROT (tarot + astrology)

Astrotarot sessions take your astrological natal chart and current astrological transits into account, with particular focus paid to whatever conflict, uncertainty, transition, or other area of your life currently in question. We’ll then use tarot to help understand what will be most supportive for you given the astrological weather. Because of the amount of material to be covered, astrotarot readings must be at least 60 minutes long.

60 min - $120
90 min - $160
120 min - $200

15 min follow-up - $25
30 min follow-up
- $45
Follow-up sessions are only valid for clients who have had a reading in the past 4 months; these sessions are meant to clarify or deepen what was covered during the original session, not to cover new material.

Guidelines & policies

My astrological practice, like all of my practices, prioritizes the confidentiality, health, and well-being of my clients.

That means that if a client comes to me with a topic best suited to a different kind of professional, I will refer that client out. Astrology and tarot are not replacements for psychotherapy, professional medical advice, legal counsel, etc. My practice does not engage in firm future prediction or spying on others who are not aware that the reading is taking place. My practice is strictly confidential.

Video readings must be cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours before our original scheduled session.

No-shows for in-person or video readings can be rescheduled once, but will not be refunded. If you are more than 10 minutes late for a video or in-person reading, your session will be considered a no-show and can be rescheduled once.