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The images found in the tarot tap into our personal and collective unconscious: the knowing is always already there, just a little under the surface. The archetypes that tarot presents cover all of the of facets of human existence. They serve as a visual alphabet that helps us make sense of our personal and collective mythologies.

My approach to tarot is colored by a life spent reading mythology, philosophy, comparative religions, history, science, poetry, feminist theory, children’s books, astrology, psychology, fairy tales. All of it enriches my relationship with and interpretation of the cards.

what are the benefits of a tarot reading?

  • Improving our relationships with ourselves and with others

  • Understanding our gifts

  • Making peace with our darknesses

  • Deepening our spiritual connections

  • Taking action towards our dreams

  • Living more compassionately

  • Finding alignment within existence

  • Cultivating truly nourishing self-care practices

  • Opening ourselves to expanded ways of being



Whether your reading is provided over email, a video call, or in-person, my approach is to select or create a layout of the cards -- better known as a spread -- that is based on your specific question and its context.

Email Readings

Email readings will be delivered to you as a PDF attached to an email. The PDF will contain images of your cards, an explanation of the spread I chose or created, and an explanation of all the cards as they relate to your question. You might also receive links to resources relevant to your reading, such as podcasts, articles, self-care practices, etc.

I currently offer email readings based on the number of cards involved: 

Sip ($12) - a single card pull; good for a quick glimpse or a spark of focus
Swig ($27) - a 3 card spread; good as a general overview or as an expanded version of the Sip
Gulp ($44) - a 5 card spread; an expanded and deepened view on your situation, and more likely to provide suggestions for specific actions for you to pursue



All video readings are held over Zoom, a video conference platform similar to Skype. Zoom automatically records our session, providing you with downloadable audio + video for you to refer to as you wish.


Prices for video sessions are based on time rather than the size of the spread. We might spend a whole hour on three cards, if that’s what’s relevant. Or, we might end up with an extra-large spread, delving deeply into the nuance of your question.

30 min - $45
60 min - $80

ASTROTAROT (tarot + astrology)

Astrotarot sessions take your astrological natal chart and current astrological transits into account, with particular focus paid to whatever conflict, uncertainty, transition, or other area of your life currently in question. We’ll then use tarot to help understand what will be most supportive for you given the astrological weather. Because of the amount of material to be covered, astrotarot readings must be at least 60 minutes long.

60 min - $120
90 min - $160
120 min - $215

request a tarot reading



My tarot practice does NOT engage in:

  • Advice-giving better suited to professional counsel, such as legal, financial, or medical advice, and including but not limited to medical and psychological diagnosis

  • Definitive future-prediction

  • Spying, i.e. attempting to know another’s thoughts, intentions, actions, past, present, etc., if they are not participating in or consensually aware of the reading

If you are unsure whether a question is appropriate for a tarot reading, please email me before purchasing a reading. I am more than happy to help you develop a good question for tarot!

Video readings must be cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours before our original scheduled session. Email readings must be canceled before you approve the suggested custom spread.

No-shows for in-person or video readings can be rescheduled once, but will not be refunded. If you are more than 10 minutes late for a video or in-person reading, your session will be considered a no-show and can be rescheduled once.

I cannot offer refunds for completed readings. If a reading leaves you feeling some type of way, I am more than happy to provide you with a slice of more insight to help you synthesize what the cards have presented. However, I’m not in the business of telling you what you want to hear. I’m in the business of telling you what the cards have to say about your question(s) as honestly and compassionately as I can.

Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and cannot replace the advice of professionals such as psychotherapists, lawyers, doctors, etc. All readings are kept strictly confidential.

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