Damascena Healing Arts is the wellness practice of Diana Rose Harper, LMT, RMT, a tarot reader, reiki master teacher, licensed massage therapist, astrologer, and educator based in Vermont and Chicago, IL. Through gentle persistence and loving focus on deep healing, Diana aims to support clients with a multifaceted and compassionate approach. Read more about Diana's practice mission here.




Drawing on multiple spiritual traditions, mythology, and psychology, Diana's intuitive approach to tarot is focused on providing insight and shifting perspective. With over twenty years of independent study as the foundation of her practice, a reading with Diana goes beyond surface-level divination, encouraging seekers to find and maintain alignment with their deepest selves.

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The word reiki simply means "spiritual energy." Reiki as a practice provides noninvasive, gentle, and supportive energy healing. While energy healing practices have been around for millennia, reiki as a structured practice began in Japan in the 1920s with roots in Mahayana Buddhism. Reiki sessions provide an energetic boost to the mind, body, and spirit, creating a context where healing can happen with greater ease.

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How we move through the world has a direct relationship with our history of being in the world. Through the power of touch, massage can support us in releasing physical aches and pains, creating more ease as we walk through our days. Diana's compassionately targeted approach goes beyond relaxation to address the underlying causes of discomfort, promoting change that lasts.

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